I LOVE design, surface patterns, nature, play, teaching, crafting stories, creating content, pondering UX, dance as medicine, mindfulness, collaboration and Colorado’s native plants.

Welcome to my digital play pen! I have many years of experience as a graphic designer, where I help people to communicate beautifully and effectively. My storytelling skills are often used on a WordPress web site where I encourage people I work with to be concise and engage with their audience regularly. Wandering the forests near Bailey, Colorado I am enchanted by nature’s beauty and I’m constantly photographing what I see as inspiration for creating surface patterns that may show up on anything from a pillow to an article of clothing. Another fascination of mine is UX, I love pondering the quality of the experience of nearly anything for it’s user. I’m a true Colorado gal who adores tromping around in forests with Xena my German Shepherd pup, mountain biking on epic single track and skiing bumps and powder at one of our state’s great ski resorts or setting my own track on my cross country skis.