“Toe Shoes” and Textures

ToesNwoodOk, I’m not talking about the shoes that a prima ballerina would perform in, I’m referring to the five fingered shoes by Vibram. To me, they are more like toe shoes than what ballerinas wear, since my toes are now free to grasp the world around me. I’ve been intrigued by this footwear ever since one of my yoga teachers mentioned that walking with them on was a sensual experience.

When I’m walking in the forest around my place in Pine, I’m always gazing at the wondrous textures that I see on the ground beneath me. Recently, I’ve felt that I really should look up more often so as to not run into some unsuspecting critter.

ToesNwaterThe five fingered shoes have taken some getting used to. For the first week or so, I experienced a fair amount of pain in my hips and hamstrings. Now that I’ve been wearing them for more than a month, my body has become accustomed to them, and I’m able to enjoy feeling the textures of nature with my feet almost as much as I delight in seeing them through my eyes.

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