YelloOrange Flowers Inspire a Fresh, Fun Pattern Design

While taking a lovely, morning walk in the forest with our dogs a few mornings ago, I spotted a flower with a very unique color and amazing details! I saved the flower and later took a photo of it in front of my white car.

Once I started playing with it in Adobe Photoshop, I realized just how special this image was. I adjusted the color and saturation, then, I applied a filter that gave it a painterly feel, then the fun began!

I created more layers in Photoshop than I care to count, or admit to at this point. Oh the fun of adding shapes, patterns, layers and more filters. Creating this pattern was a total blast!

Photoshop allows me to adjust shades, textures, and explore various layers. This program is my comfort zone. It’s a natural fit for a photographer and I’ve used it since it’s inception! As a graphic designer it was my second most used program after Adobe inDesign.

I’ll will return to using Adobe Illustrator to created pattern designs at some point, because I do appreciate the mental challenge of portraying rich depth and texture with drawing a line, or shape with vectors, as opposed to playing with the pixels created within a photograph.


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