Sublime Beauty on a Grey Foggy Morning

A few mornings ago we were treated to an overnight rain and thick fog obstructing our views around our Bailey home. As I look at the fog I remember that my sister and I always say it’s, “froggy” instead of foggy, just to be silly. 

I’ve always loved the rain! In Colorado it’s often so dry that when it rains I think of it as a wonderful gift from the sky. It’s also a rare delight to feel humidity in the air in this often-arid state. I stepped out of my house and the air was fragrant with the scents of sage, currant bushes and pine. I also felt a delicious mist on my face and hoped that my light, puffy, down jacket had enough of a water repellent quality on its outer shell. The views and clouds I often enjoy were shrouded by thick, pea-soupy fog. So I looked down at the plants and found many wonders.

The first one was a spiky weed with perfectly placed water drops on each of its pointy appendages. It looked somewhat like the groovy light fixture we had in our family dining room in the 70’s. Then, before long I found fallen aspen leaves that were just starting to change colors with flattened-out droplets comfortably sitting on them. While looking down at the pine needles around the aspen trees I saw magical webs that I have to idea how they were created. There was so much of this webbing, I couldn’t imagine they were created by spiders. They were a mysterious curiosity.

On my driveway I looked at the wild lupin and their curly leaves were also bejeweled with drops. Wonder upon wonders a sage that I had purchased was not only sparkling with mist and drops, but also revealed many layers and shades of green.

Earlier in my walk, I visited with a neighbor up on his deck and he said he hated gray rainy days like this, and I said I loved it, and took another deep breath of the cool misty air before heading home.

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