Second String Nasturtiums

September is nearly over, here in Bailey and my garden is definitely changing and withering in various ways. 

I continue to have larkspur blooming and budding, but the sunflowers are dropping their heads and drying out. I debate whether to cut them back for aesthetic reasons or to let them stay and drop their seeds. The “Love in the Mist” is finally showing their other-worldly faces, and the carrots are continuing to prosper in the experimental garden. Although I only thinned the carrots once, so who knows what I’m going to get.

One of the most delightful surprises during this late summer are the nasturtiums that are flourishing in a hanging basket where the pink petunias and blue lobelia are perishing. I vaguely remember tossing some nasturtium seeds in the basket and now they are stepping in to put on a vivid orange show as the other flowers take their final bow.

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