Wondrous Clouds

We are lucky to live on a ridge in the mountains above Bailey Colorado. From this spot we can see clouds develop from many different directions. 

Whether it’s a developing storm, a sunrise or a sunset, mother nature manages to give us an awe inspiring show.

I’ve found that if I tilt my iPhone up and down I can toggle the exposure from the clouds to the surroundings. Sometimes I take two different exposures with the intention to merge them in Photoshop, but that rarely happens.

This morning the sunrise turned the pine trees gold and lit up clouds that foreshadowed a rain storm later in the day. Likewise, the sky can turn a rich slate blue and create towering cumulus clouds that glower down on us tiny humans.

Then again, in the evenings, the clouds to the east and sometimes to the west are a riot of vivid colors on a fascinating and massive collection of cloud shapes and personalities. 

I’ve always loved clouds and it’s both excillerating and comforting to watch them from the safety of one’s house as opposed to nervously keeping an eye out for them when finishing a hike too high in the mountains and too late in the day.

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