I am a visual communicator and a lover of life.

I love good design, skiing, singing, dogs, nature, food… oh I could go on and on!

I believe that the goal of good design is to tell a story in an effective, simple and visually appealing way. I work with clients to tell their story using the most effective tools at their disposal. That is often comprised of a mix of print and digital communication. From a brochure to a web site to social media. At the center of this communication is the user, who is considered every step of the way.

I have been a proud and fascinated member of Denver’s UX Book Club, and here’s a sampling of some of the books I’ve read and often discussed within this marvelous group. I admit to adding one book that we didn’t read in the club: An Eames Primer. I feel any designer worth her oats should at least know about Charles and Ray!

Aside from having a love of design, I also love to teach, and I have been member of Loveland Ski Areas ski school and have achieved PSIA Level 2 Certification. I’ve taught there part-time for 13 seasons – 7 years on snowboard, and the last 6 on skis. I love interacting with people and challenging my body and mind.