“Toe Shoes” and Textures

Ok, I’m not talking about the shoes that a prima ballerina would perform in, I’m referring to the five fingered shoes by Vibram. To me, they are more like toe shoes than what ballerinas wear, since my toes are now free to grasp the world around me. I’ve been intrigued by this footwear ever since … Read more

Amazing Bristlecone Pines

While hiking up towards Mt. Rosalie from highway 285 a couple weekends ago, I came upon a gathering of bristlecone pines, which stood guard over the windy, high alpine terrain. I had learned that these trees are counted as some of the oldest living organisms on earth! The beauty of these trees in their live … Read more

Handmade Toy

[singlepic id=53 w=160 h=120 float=left]One of my favorite design projects is when I made a toy for a baby shower gift for some dear friends. They had the wisdom and creativity to request that each guest create a gift out of recycled items. I knew I wanted to make a toy and that I had … Read more

Table Cloth Couture in Sri Lanka

As a wonderful adventure for me, and a harrowing experience for my friends and family – I was staying on the coast of Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit in 2004. I came upon a photo of myself “vogueing” while sporting table cloths from the resort where we were staying. When the tsunami hit, I … Read more