Tones and Textures of Autumn

When late summer turns to autumn, initially, I’m sad to see that the grasses have faded from green to drab shades of beige and brown, and I miss the vivid colors of summer. That is, until the sun hits those grasses in just the right way and I’m treated to a variety of warm and … Read more

Light Play

Have you ever noticed the beauty of light hitting a reflective item in strange and wondrous ways? Or the movement of something outside, creating a dancing pattern on your wall, and been mesmerized? I’ve enjoyed this phenomenon in many locations. It’s also fun to figure out what created the show. below, you will see some … Read more

Wondrous Clouds

We are lucky to live on a ridge in the mountains above Bailey Colorado. From this spot we can see clouds develop from many different directions.  Whether it’s a developing storm, a sunrise or a sunset, mother nature manages to give us an awe inspiring show. I’ve found that if I tilt my iPhone up … Read more

Second String Nasturtiums

September is nearly over, here in Bailey and my garden is definitely changing and withering in various ways.  I continue to have larkspur blooming and budding, but the sunflowers are dropping their heads and drying out. I debate whether to cut them back for aesthetic reasons or to let them stay and drop their seeds. … Read more

Iron Fens, a Lunch Date and a Pebble

The intended plan was to drive up to the gate to the Iron Fens up Geneva Creek, and do the easy 2.5 mile hike to the fens and finish in time to meet my sister for lunch in Georgetown at 2 pm, about 30+ minutes down the other side of Guanella pass. We met in … Read more

Sublime Beauty on a Grey Foggy Morning

A few mornings ago we were treated to an overnight rain and thick fog obstructing our views around our Bailey home. As I look at the fog I remember that my sister and I always say it’s, “froggy” instead of foggy, just to be silly.  I’ve always loved the rain! In Colorado it’s often so … Read more

My Garden, My Friends

All the plants I nurture and grow are my friends and I often talk kindly to them. Yes, I’m one of those people, a somewhat crazy plant person. I’m almost at the point that I can’t accept any new ones in my house. But outside, there are numerous native plants that I yearn to experiment … Read more

Reflecting Flowers Elegant Results

I was playing with an image I captured at Denver’s Botanic Gardens, and started to reflect the image across various axis. What started as a lovely image that I had applied  Photoshop filters to, turned into elegant tapestry that could used for a pillow, wall art or a rug. As I look closely at the … Read more

Finding Wonderous Things in the Ice

Ice on a flowing river is a beautiful and amazing phenomenon! I love walking along a river any time of the year, but in the winter, it’s especially magical! The shapes of the various types of ice crystals, the sounds of water at different depths under the ice, the moving shapes made by water passing … Read more

“Toe Shoes” and Textures

Ok, I’m not talking about the shoes that a prima ballerina would perform in, I’m referring to the five fingered shoes by Vibram. To me, they are more like toe shoes than what ballerinas wear, since my toes are now free to grasp the world around me. I’ve been intrigued by this footwear ever since … Read more

Amazing Bristlecone Pines

While hiking up towards Mt. Rosalie from highway 285 a couple weekends ago, I came upon a gathering of bristlecone pines, which stood guard over the windy, high alpine terrain. I had learned that these trees are counted as some of the oldest living organisms on earth! The beauty of these trees in their live … Read more

Handmade Toy

One of my favorite design projects is when I made a toy for a baby shower gift for some dear friends. They had the wisdom and creativity to request that each guest create a gift out of recycled items. I knew I wanted to make a toy and that I had a wool sweater that … Read more

Table Cloth Couture in Sri Lanka

As a wonderful adventure for me, and a harrowing experience for my friends and family – I was staying on the coast of Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit in 2004. I came upon a photo of myself “vogueing” while sporting table cloths from the resort where we were staying. When the tsunami hit, I … Read more