User Stories

Case Study for Yogaman Site Prior to Design and Development

The goal was to enhance the usability of the site. For the home page, the goal was to not only give users the choice to select iyengar yoga or rolf integration, but to also access current information with as few clicks as possible.

The strongest current demographic is women from their late 40’s to 60+, who are educated, socially active and spiritual, and do not necessarily have the “perfect” yoga body. There are women in the community who go to class a couple times of week and also practice at home. There are also some men in this age group and younger, and beginners that are most often females but also males ages 25 and older. The site needs to be more accessible for the core group listed above, but also interesting, enticing and useful for beginner students.

Yogaman Personas and Scenarios


Iyengar yoga couple

Maya and Steven

“ Maya and Steven have one teenager at home, a child in college and 2 busy careers; practicing yoga together helps to keep them sane and bonded.”

Key Attributes

Maya is a graphic designer that works from home
Steven works as CFO of a local solar company


Ages: 45 and 48
Education: BFA and MBA
Occupation/Roles: Professionals, spouses and parents
Family: 2 kids – 17 and 21
Known Constraints: They are both quite busy with their work, but they are committed to going to class together at least once a week, and practicing at home together once a week after running or going to the gym.

  • Practicing yoga together is an important common interest and way of life
  • The yoga keeps their bodies strong for their other demanding sports
  • Their kids are good, responsible and independent and demand little of their time
  • They are both devoted to and skilled in maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • They have other couple and single friends through the yoga community
  • They are both on their computers much of the day when they are not in meetings
  • The site keeps them apprised of new happenings in the yoga community
  • She owns and iPhone and he has a Blackberry
  • They like to have a break from their computers in the evenings and on the weekends
Goals and tasks in relation to your site
  • They need to quickly see what’s new on the site without having to spend time or hunt for things
  • Want to be able to refer friends to the studio through sending them to the site
  • Would like to find out about retreats they could share locally and abroad, since they enjoy both traveling and recharging locally.
Memorable Experience
  • Maya and Steven especially enjoyed partner adjustments they learned in class, and look forward to learning more ways to assist each other in their practice.
User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Partners Yoga Workshop
Maya and Steven received an eBlast from Christian about a Partners Workshop at the studio for Valentines weekend. They emailed each other, and Maya went to the site and signed them up and paid on line. It was a good thing, because the workshop sold out. Christian ended up running the workshop again in the early summer because he had a waiting list, and there were so many positive comments and cool photos about the workshop on the blog that it created quite a stir.

Scenario 2: Going to India with the yoga community
Maya and Steven found out about the Retreat on the site and expressed an immediate interest. While on the trip, many people posted images of their adventures and new insights on the blog. People in the community were inspired by what they saw, and also posted images of gatherings at the studio while half the community was away. This virtual sharing kept the community bonded while they were apart. The next year Christian promoted some local retreats on the site, and valuable learning was shared by people in attendance and the people who could not attend through the blog.

Iyengar yoga junkie


“I go to as many classes as I can and practice at home – Iyengar yoga is a BIG part of my life!”

Key Attributes

Retired Nurse

Job title and major responsibilities

Janine spends her time doing yoga, volunteering in the community, skiing, hiking, biking and spending time with her grandchildren


Age: 55
Education: Masters in Nursing
Occupation/Roles: Philanthropist, adventurer, activist, grandmother, wife
Family: 2 grown children, 5 grand kids, husband
Known Constraints: yoga is a priority, she works it around her volunteer commitments but puts it above most other pursuits except for family gatherings.

  • Active and busy
  • Realizes yoga keeps her body, mind and spirit strong
  • Disciplined
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Uses technology to keep up with out of state friends and relatives
  • Has a facebook account
  • Owns an iPhone and uses it to the fullest extent
Goals and tasks in relation to your site
  • Wants to find out about special workshops to expand her practice
  • Uses site for her home practice on days when she can’t go to class
  • Would like to interact with others in the community through the site or a blog
Memorable Experience
  • Janine did 108 Sun Salutations with others in the community on Iyengar’s 90th birthday in December 2008.
User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Home Practice
Janine logs on to the password protected, home study section of the site and through that portal she finds a list of practices and picks the one that will boost her energy for the day. To start her practice, she sings along with the recorded invocation that is on the site. Janine found that buying the home practice module gave her a much deeper understanding of her own practice and along with the “Teacher Within” workshop she learned to be her own teacher and listen to her body about what asanas serve what purposes. Janine is glad that she has the option to practice at home on days that she can’t make a class. She finds it very useful to see short descriptions and images of each posture, and the number of repetions on her computer screen – so that she can either print it out or glance at her computer screen while she practices. Classes help Janine to perfect her asanas, so that when she practices at home she knows that she is doing the posture correctly.

Scenario 2:
Further Learning through the site Janine has a voracious appetite for further reading and insights about Iyengar yoga. She goes to the sight and follows the links in the Iyengar Yoga section of the site. She likes to visit the site often because there are often new interviews of BKS or Geeta posted in that area, or tidbits of information from various instructors that she can link to from the site. After reading one of the “Suggested Reading” books posted in that section of the site, she posted comments about it on the blog and started a lively interchange about the cathartic benefits of back bends in ones practice. This interest led Christian to create a back bends workshop on a Sunday in April. Special workshops are often spearheaded by interests stirred by information on the site or conversations on the blog.

Iyengar yoga beginner


“ I need to learn to manage the stress in my life and want to become stronger and more flexible for playing with my kids.”

Key Attributes

Contractor of Solar Thermal Products

Job title and major responsibilities

Bill is busy working full physical days and is responsible for supporting his family


Age: 45
Education: High School and skilled craftsman
Occupation/Roles: Contractor and builder of things, husband, father
Family: 2 kids – 9 and 11, wife
Known Constraints: family and work are priorities – he goes to yoga when he can, usually once; sometimes twice a week.

  • Stressed with work and family responsibilities
  • Realizes his body is not as strong or flexible as it used to be
  • Wants to have energy and strength to keep up with his kids
  • Spiritual
  • Likes the yoga studio vibe better than the gym
  • Only remembers to check the web site when he get’s a newsletter from yogaman
  • The site is a useful way to gain new insights about his new yoga practice
  • Has a regular cell phone and uses it just for making calls
  • Only checks his email at the beginning and end of each work day – he’s in the field the rest of the day
Goals and tasks in relation to your site
  • Wants to find out more about the life of Iyengar and how Christian got involved, but doesn’t know how to
  • Find that kind of info or if it exists there.
  • Wants to schedule some rolfing sessions to straighten out some old injuries
  • Would like to sign up his wife for the next beginner series.
Memorable Experience
  • Bill’s kids had fun trying to do yoga poses when their dad tried doing some yoga at home.
 User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Practicing with the kids
Bill would like to know how to combine his yoga time with his time with his kids; so he wants to schedule a private with Christian – the lead instructor. Bill went to the site and was able to email Christian from the “Contacts” section about scheduling a private with his kids to develop a special program designed just for them. They were have so much fun that Christian taped a few quick movies of Bill and his kids and posted them on his site, and two more families signed up to have practices designed to teach their kids about yoga.

Scenario 2: Healing a head cold through yoga
Bill asked Christian on the yogaman blog what he could do for his cold, and Christian posted on the blog that a cold’s severity and length could be shortened by doing more inversions. Bill and other students used this practice and became symptom free and healthier sooner – they reported this on the blog, and Christian got 2 more students for his beginner series because of it.